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So.  Last night, while taking a much-needed stress relief bath, I watched the third season finale of Mad Men-- which means that I'm now all caught up on those episodes, and have to wait for brand new ones just like every other sad bastard in the world.

I likewise have to wait weekly for Doctor Who episodes (which, if River Song appears in that many more episodes, will cease to be an excruciating wait for me.  Eurgh).  It has been several months since I felt the "when in doubt, re-watch Torchwood" urge-- I daresay I might be breaking up with that fandom, and to be honest, I've more or less taken a general hiatus from any fan activity for the past couple months.  I don't even know what the latest meta debates are.  You know how that feels?  It feels refreshing.

But that's not my point.  My point is, I do not currently have a TV show to obsess over-- to watch in long marathon sessions.  And this hurts my heart a bit.

So, dear readers, what TV show do you recommend I obsess over next and why?  Please comment.

Also, secondary, but still important questions: 1) If a person (say, me) felt woefully ignorant when it came to film-- film history, classic film, quality film in general, what would you demand they watch?  2) Name one band/musician who has come to your attention in the past three years that you think I should be listening to right now.
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